Disposal Unit – for Fibre Sharpes



Disposal Unit – for Fibre Sharpe

Satisfy your OH&S requirements regarding fibre optic off-cuts and epoxy needle disposal by using a Fibre Optic Sharps Disposal Containers.

The processes of fibre cable breakout, cutting to length, scoring and cleaving can often result in small glass shards or off-cuts which are difficult to see and avoid. They often remain on and around the work area. Accidentally brushing a hand across a workspace can cause these tiny yet painful shards to easily penetrate the skin and possibly migrate further into the body. A Fibre Optic Off-cut Container offers a safe disposal solution for this situation, especially on customer premises where leaving these behind is not an option.

Once the container is full of sharps it should be taped up so that the lid is secure and can then be deposited safely in a waste collection area. For OH&S reasons the container must not be reused by emptying it.


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