Velcro Cable Tie 12MM X 50M Roll Black


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50m Hook and Loop Continuous Double Sided Velcro Roll – 12mm Wide

  • An easy solution for organizing your cable runs and keeping your cable management neat
  • Specified for CAT6, CAT5E and Fibre cable support
  • Comes with “Hook and Loop Continuous Double Sided” grip, so the user pulls off a length of material off the roll, and cut the material to length. Then use the piece by wrapping it around an object, the product can then be adhered to itself for a secure hold
  • Gives gentle cable support, so as not to disturb the UTP and Fibre lay
  • Easy to reopen and add or remove cables
  • Re-usable as many times as you like
  • The easy solution is hook and loop velcro roll cable ties for your cable management


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