Visual Fault Locator 2.5mm (Includes 1.25mm adaptor)



In today's fast-paced workplace maximizing productivity is essential. Whether installing new fiber links or troubleshooting an existing network, the faster you can locate a problem, the faster you can fix it. That's easier said than done when you are faced with a complex network of fibers, connectors and patch cords.

You can diagnose and repair simple fiber link problems with Visual Fault Locator (VFL). The laser-powered Visual Fault Locator locates fibers, verifies continuity and polarity, and helps find breaks in cables, connectors and splices. Continuous and flashing modes make for easier identification.

The Visual Fault Locator is a simple and economical pen-style laser light source. This device is ideal for locating fractures and micro-bends within a fiber cable that can hinder or prevent optical transmission performance. The Visual Fault Locator uses a Class 3A laser diode able with a 650nm nominal wavelength able to transmit up to 4km. Features both continuous wave (CW) and blinking output function. End cap accepts any 2.5mm connector ferrule including ST/SC/FC.

Also included is a 1.25mm Adaptor to suit LC Connectors.


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